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Pressensor for coffee machines with E61 group heads (M6 thread)

Pressensor for coffee machines with E61 group heads (M6 thread)

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Our pressure sensor is a Bluetooth enabled device that attaches to your espresso machine. It measures and records the pressure of the water flowing through the coffee grounds during the extraction process. The data is then sent to a mobile app, which allows you to view and analyze the pressure profile in real-time, and to save and compare different extraction profiles. This technology helps you to understand the impact of variables such as grind size, dose, and tamping on the final flavor of your espresso, and to make small adjustments that result in a noticeable improvement in taste, aroma and overall quality of your coffee. The pressure sensor is by default equipped with an M6 connection thread for E61 group heads. Installation is easy: you just remove the screw from the head and screw in the sensor. The sensor operates with a standard 2032 battery. (A good quality battery is recommended) The device operates in the pressure and temperature range of a normal coffee machine. Pressure peaks are tolerated up to 15 bar. Compatible machines include: Lelit Bianca, Mara Rocket Espresso R58, Appartemento Profitec Pro 400, 500, 600, 700 ECM Puristika, Mechanika, Synchronika, Elektronika ...and many more - if in doubt - ask us!
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Customer Reviews

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poyang hsueh

Pressensor for coffee machines with E61 group heads (M6 thread)

Mike Mott
Graduate School for Extractions

Jim Otterson, a previous reviewer, convinced me I needed one of these for my Crem One Profiler (USA version of ONE 2B R-LFPP Dual). I agree with his review.
With the Pressensor, Pressensor App, and DiFluid scale I've learned so much about what happens during an extraction. It is one thing to understand theoretically what is happening; it is another to see it in the data.
Beyond its utility, the fun quotient is off the chart.

James Otterson
The next level

So, I received the Pressensor and Splitter combo a couple of days ago. I was able to install them rather quickly on my Expobar Office Leva 2 dual boiler machine and no leaks! A VERY well made, robust bit of kit. I just received a DiFluid Microbalance Ti bluetooth scale and can’t wait to try out the set up - should be The Next Level in espresso exploration! Flow profiling will be a very enjoyable process with the Pressensor.

Alastair Smith
Outstanding addition to traditional E61 machine

I have been interested in flow profiling for some time and saw an advertisement for the Pressensor. I purchased and installed the pressensor on my Profitec pro 700 E61 machine and connected it to an Acaia lunar scale. This set up allows realtime visualisation of what is happening with each espresso pour and opens up a myriad of possibilities for getting the most out of my beans. It is sold at a price point that makes a simple upgrade to traditional E61 machines a much cheaper option than a machine upgrade.

Maik W.
Must-Have for Coffee Geeks

The Pressensor arrived incredibly quickly with one-day shipping. I received highly informative instructions directly from Miklós himself. The pairing process between the Pressensor and the well-designed app was seamless.
My initial shot with the Pressensor on my Bianca V2 delivered the same aromatic excellence I was accustomed to. Subsequently, I experimented with several different profiles.
I recommend the Pressensor for its ability to replicate and visualize various profiles with my dual boiler setup.
I am genuinely delighted with my Pressensor and eagerly anticipate numerous more shots using it.