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About the app

The Coffee Flow app is available on Google Play as well as on Apple App Store and Huawei AppGalery.

Please find a detailed walkthrough in the video below, or just continue reading.

The Coffee Flow app serves as a tool to analyze your coffee extractions and is constantly updated with new features and supported devices. The Coffee Flow app supports many bluetooth coffee scales, and the Pressensor pressure sensor. Want to have your device supported? Contact us!

The app itself is free and fully functional for everyone to use.

Some highlights of the app:

  • Display a reference  pressure or flow curve to follow in the background!
  • Autostart on pressure - start the logging automatically when the pressure reaches a preset threshold! No need to push any button!
  • Virtual autotara - no need to tara the scale before starting the extraction. When logging starts, the app will automatically start measuring the weight from zero. This saves you from the annoyance of forgetting to tara the scale and getting messed up results. It also serves a clean workflow if you prefer to measure the grounds for each shot.
  • Sharing is caring - share your best shots with a picture on social media, or the raw data for further analyzing
  • Support for the Decent DE-1 - use the Decent in manual mode, displaying pressure and flow curves during the shot

Supported Bluetooth scales:

Acaia (all models)
Decent Scale
DiFluid Microbalance
Eureka Precisa
Goat Story Gina
Hiroia Jimmy
Skale II


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