FAQ: What is the connection between Smart Espresso Profiler and Pressensor?

FAQ: What is the connection between Smart Espresso Profiler and Pressensor?

I get asked this a lot: is there a connection between Smart Espresso Profiler and Pressensor? The short answer is yes, there is. We started the Smart Espresso Profiler together with Gábor, developed the app and appeared on several exhibitions. But in May 2022, we decided to continue our journeys separate ways. We informed the Community with the statement below.



Dear (Name),
you may remember the World of Coffee exhibition in Amsterdam, 2018 when our app, Smart Espresso Profiler was introduced for the first time, together with the Bluetooth pressure transducer and the support for different smart coffee scales. This was the result of hard work, invested by us: Gábor and Miklós, the two founders of Smart Espresso Profiler. In the last years, we introduced a bunch of new features, like the PDI - profile drift index, the virtual autotara, built-in sample profiles, and many more.
Now, we have come to an important point in the life of the app. Having developed the app for these years and working on the improvements has shown us, that there is a lot of potential in visualizing pressure and flow profiles, understanding your coffee, and - well - redefining consistency. Yet the two of us see the ways to grow differently. This is why we decided to split and continue the development in different ways.
Gábor will continue with Smart Espresso Profiler, developing and polishing the software, and the existing hardware. Miklós on the other hand started to develop his own pressure sensor and will enter the market with a different version of the SEP application.
As sorry as we are about splitting, we trust, that bringing new colors to the palette of the coffee world will serve the interest of the community.
Wish you all the best, take care!
Gábor & Miklós


In practice, this means, that the Pressensor Coffee Flow app, and the Smart Espresso Profiler app share the same code, but they are developed in different ways since May 2022, resulting in differences in appearance, functions and compatibility with other devices, like scales or thermometers.

Regarding hardware, the Pressensor pressure transducer is completely designed and manufactured by Pressensor and is - in terms of hardware - completely different from the Smart Espresso Profiler pressure transducer.

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