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About pressure and flow profiling

Pressure and flow profiling is a powerful tool for understanding and improving the espresso extraction process. With the ability to track and analyze the pressure and flow of water through the coffee grounds, you can gain a deeper understanding of how different variables affect the final flavor of your espresso.

With a bluetooth enabled pressure sensor and scale, connected to a mobile app, you can easily view and analyze the data in real-time, and replicate the perfect espresso extraction every time. It's an essential tool for any coffee enthusiast or professional looking to take their brewing to the next level.

Get the Coffee Flow application
  • The pressure sensor

    Our pressure sensor is a Bluetooth enabled device that easily attaches to your espresso machine and measures the pressure of the water flowing through the coffee grounds. The data is then sent to a mobile app for real-time analysis and improvements in taste, aroma and overall quality of your coffee.

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  • Connected scales

    A connected scale provides data on the weight of coffee and water used during the extraction process. This allows for more precise analysis and optimization of coffee-to-water ratio for the perfect extraction. Data is sent to the same mobile app as the pressure sensor for complete pressure and flow profile analysis. A wide range of well known scales is supported.

  • The Application

    The Coffee Flow app is designed to work seamlessly with our pressure sensor and a wide range of connected scales. It allows users to view and analyze the pressure and flow data in real-time, and to save and compare different extraction profiles. The app provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to understand and interpret the data, allowing users to make informed adjustments to their brewing process.

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