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Pressure transducer bundle for the Flair 58 - all models

Pressure transducer bundle for the Flair 58 - all models

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Introducing our pressure transducer bundle for the Flair 58 espresso machine. This bundle includes our Bluetooth enabled pressure transducer and an M6 to G1/8 adapter specifically designed for use with the Flair 58. The pressure transducer attaches to your machine and measures the pressure of the water flowing through the coffee grounds, while the adapter allows for easy attachment of the sensor to the Flair 58.

The bundle is the perfect solution for coffee enthusiasts and professionals who want to take their espresso brewing to the next level. The transducer and the app allows you to view and analyze the pressure and flow data in real-time, and to save and compare different extraction profiles, providing you with a deeper understanding of how different variables affect the final flavor of your espresso. With the bundle you can easily make small adjustments that result in a noticeable improvement in taste, aroma and overall quality of your coffee.

The bundle is compatible with the Flair 58, Flair 58+ and Flair 58LE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bob Carpenter
Perfect Tool

I use pressure sensor with bean conqueror app.
It is a perfect match.

Robin Greeney
Pressensor for GS3

Unit was received very quickly (under a week to Australia) and the Flair 58 bundle fitted the La Marzocco GS3MP perfectly.
Using the application it is very easy to record the extraction profile (pressure and flow) and replicate these if desired. There is also a very comprehensive list of data which can be optionally completed to record details of the extraction and the results.
The auto tare for extraction and the auto start of recording when pressure exceeds a pre-set level are particularly welcome.
Very pleased with the sensor/software

Javier Sánchez Yeste
The sensor works great; the connector for the Flair 58 is not so great

The sensor, once installed, is great. It works perfectly with Beanconqueror. But I had some difficulties (solved) due to the fact that the connector is not perfectly fitting the Flair 58 connection. I needed to put 2 o-rings and some teflon tape to be sure the was no pressure loss. Once resolved this, I’m very happy with the result. Considering pressensor is a new player in the small pressure sensors for coffee geeks market I put 5 stars. It would be nice, however, that the fitting for the Flair 58 would be better resolved.